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Canon printer setup instructions and troubleshooting solutions

Do you want to know how to set up the printer and fix its problems? You have reached the right place to get the step by step instructions and simple solutions for most printer problems. Solve the issues and take the printing to the next level using Canon printer support.



canon printer setup

Are you wondering how to set up your Canon printer? Don’t worry about that; you are in the right spot!

Keep reading to know how to set up and use your Canon printer. Now, power on the Canon printer. Download and install the necessary printer drivers on your computer from the Download link given on this site. Otherwise, use the installation CD-ROM to launch the canon printer setup driver.

Canon Printer Unboxing and First-Time Setup

To unbox and set up your Canon printer support, follow the guidelines that are given below.

  • Cut open the printer’s shipment package and remove all the packing materials.
  • Remove the plastic cover from the printer and place it on a clean table.
  • Take out the installation CD-ROM, setup manual, and other accessories from the box.
  • Read the setup manual before you begin with the canon printer setup process.
  • Remove the styrofoam packaging from the sides of the printer.
  • Now, peel off the stickers from the printer.
  • Remove the packing materials from the scanner glass and feeder.
  • Grab the power cord provided with the printer and plug the cable into the power supply slot.
  • Attach the other terminal of the power cord into the printer’s rear.
  • Tap the Power button on the printer’s control panel and proceed to install the ink cartridges.
  • Now, load papers into the input tray and install the required printer driver on your computer.

Free Canon Drivers Download

For any printer, the driver is an important component that will enable the printer to perform its functions. For Canon printer support, there are two types of drivers; you can either download the MP driver or the XPS driver. The XPS printer driver can provide you a smooth gradation printing than the basic drivers. You can download the required drivers from the link given on this site.

install canon printer driver

Install Canon Printer Driver

Once you download the canon printer drivers from the link given on this site, follow the simple instructions provided below.

  • To start with the installation procedure, power off the Canon printer.
  • Now, start the installer on your computer. Click the link given on this site to download the printer drivers.
  • After the downloading process is complete, double-click on the printer icon in the Downloads folder.
  • In Windows computer, administrative rights are required to install or uninstall any software on your computer. Select OK or Allow to continue with the printer driver installation process.
  • To use the Canon printer over a network, manually choose the connection destination from the client.
  • Click Cancel in the Connect Cable screen, and select Yes on the confirmation screen.
  • Choose the Select Printer Port check box and click the Manual Selection option.
  • Choose the appropriate port and click Complete.
  • Restart your computer to conclude the canon printer driver installation.
  • You can perform the same steps to install both the MP or XPS driver on your computer.

user manual for canon printer

Manual Download For Canon Printer

The user manual will provide you the necessary information and instructions to set up and use your printer. This can be obtained from the link given on this site. Click the link, and the canon printer user manual will be downloaded as a PDF file. The general guidelines and other troubleshooting mechanisms will also be explained in the user manual. You will be provided with a Get Started guide in your printer package. Some of the information included in the canon printer manual are canon printer setup, network connection, printer functions, and troubleshooting procedures.

How To Print Using The Canon Printer?

To print documents or photos from your computer on your Canon printer support, follow the next set of instructions.

  • Check if the Canon printer is turned on.
  • Open the printer’s paper input tray as well as the output tray.
  • Now, load a stack of A4 papers into the paper input tray.
  • Download and install the Canon printer drivers from the link given on this site.
  • Launch the Printer Driver Setup window and select the Quick Setup tab.
  • In the Commonly Used Settings box, select the printing profile suitable for your print job.
  • Make necessary changes to the print settings such as Media Type, Paper Size, etc., in the Printing Preferences window.
  • Choose Print Quality as High, Standard, or Draft according to your requirement. Click Apply and complete the canon printer setup.
  • Now the select a document that you want to print and click Print.
  • The Canon printer will start printing the selected documents.

How To Scan Documents Using A Canon Printer?

To scan documents or photos on your Canon printer, download the IJ Scan Utility and start the installation.

  • Power on the Canon printer by pressing the Power button.
  • The full feature driver version includes the IJ Scan Utility.
  • Otherwise, download the IJ Scan Utility from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Now, place the original that you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • If your printer has the Scan button, tap it, and the scanned document will appear on your computer.
  • If your printer does not have the Scan button, start the Scan Utility, and connect the printer to your computer.
  • Now, the printer will start to scan the documents placed on the scanner glass.
  • Make the necessary changes to the settings on the preview scan and click Scan.
  • Set the scan resolution and click OK.
  • Assign a folder in which you want to save the scanned document and click Save.

How To Copy Using A Canon Printer?

To copy documents or photos using a Canon printer, download the printer drivers and place the document on the scanner platen.

  • Press the Power button to switch on the printer.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient papers in the input tray.
  • Load the document that you need to scan on the scanner glass.
  • Tap the Copy button and press the Color button for color copying.
  • Press the Black button to copy documents in black and white.
  • Now, the Canon machine will start copying the documents placed on the scanner glass.
  • If necessary, set the Copy Settings on the printer’s control panel.
  • Collect the copied documents from the printer’s output tray.

How To Fax Using A Canon Printer?

In Canon printers, you can receive and transmit fax by directly entering the fax/telephone numbers.

  • Make sure that the Canon printer is powered on.
  • Tap the Fax button on the printer’s control panel.
  • The Fax Standby screen will appear on the control panel.
  • Load the fax documents in the ADF or on the scanner platen.
  • Set the scan resolution or contrast on the printer’s control panel if necessary. Dial the recipient’s telephone/fax number using the buttons.
  • Tap the Color button for color transmission or the Black button for black and white transmission.
  • Now, the Canon printer support starts to scan the documents placed on the platen and sends it to the recipient.

Canon Wireless Printer – Network Connect

To set up your Canon printer on a wireless network, install the necessary printer drivers and launch the canon printer setup.

  • Power on the Canon printer and install the canon printer driver on your computer.
  • Launch the Setup screen and click the Next option. On the Printer Connection method screen, select Wireless LAN Connection method.
  • Choose your canon printer wireless router’s name and click Next.
  • Click on the Cableless Setup and tap the Wi-Fi button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Select Next and make sure that the blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes on the printer.
  • Now, choose your preferences and click OK.
  • Agree to the License Agreements of the Canon printer and click Next.
  • The Canon printer is now ready to perform its functions.
canon wireless network connect

Canon Photo Printer USB Setup

To perform the canon printer USB setup on your Canon printer, install the required drivers and select the connection type as USB.

canon printer usb setup
  • Turn on the Canon printer and keep it in the ready state.
  • Download and install the printer drivers on your computer.
  • Select the connection type as USB cable canon printer setup in the connection type window.
  • Click Next and go with the on-screen steps to install the Canon printer.
  • When prompted, connect one terminal of the USB cable into the printer.
  • Attach the other terminal into the printer’s USB port.
  • Now, perform the respective functions to ensure that the connection is established properly.

Canon Printer App – Mobile Printing Solutions

Canon printer app and mobile printing solutions will enable us to access the printer from any device. The mobile printing solutions are compatible with tablets, smartphones, and chromebooks. Some of the mobile printing solutions compatible with the Canon printer setup are Inkjet/Selphy app, Apple AirPrint, Pixma Cloud Link, and Google Cloud Print.

Canon Inkjet/Selphy App

You can quickly and easily access the Canon printer from any device using the Selphy app. The Selphy app is available for both Android and Mac users. Download the Selphy app from the store and add your Canon printer to your device. Open a file or document on your device and print documents on your Canon printer. You can also print photos from the social media pages using the Selphy app.

Canon Apple AirPrint

The canon Apple AirPrint is a feature specially designed to access the Canon printers from any Apple device. The Apple AirPrint feature uses an active internet connection. Enable the Wi-Fi connectivity in your Apple device and Canon printer. Ensure that you connect both the devices to the same wireless network. Using the AirPrint feature, you can print, scan, fax, and check the ink level in your Canon printer.

Canon Pixma Cloud Link

The canon Pixma/Maxify Cloud link enables you to associate with various cloud services and print images or documents from the photo-sharing site. You can also access multiple functions such as storing the scanned documents without the usage of the computer. The canon Pixma printers Cloud Link is available for most of the printer models. Ensure that your canon printer setup supports Pixma Cloud Link before you start the printing.

Canon Wireless Direct Printing

You can use the canon Wireless Direct printing method to print documents on your Canon printer. It allows you to print documents by connecting the devices directly to the printer.

Canon Printer Google Cloud Print

Canon Google Cloud Print is a special feature designed by Google that allows us to print over the web-connected devices from anywhere by using your Canon printer. All mobile devices and computers support it. It is a secure cloud-based service that is quick and easy to access.

How To Replace Ink Cartridges In Canon Printer

  • Tap the Power button and switch on the Canon printer setup.
  • Open the paper input tray and load sufficient papers into it.
  • Adjust the paper width guides according to the paper size and adjust the extender if necessary. Open the ink cartridge access cassette and wait until the printer’s carriage is silent and idle.
  • Uncover a new ink cartridge from the package and peel the orange protective tape on it. Lower the lever in the ink cartridge slot and remove the old ink cartridges from it.
  • Now, position the new ink cartridge with the ink nozzle facing the slot.
  • Do not touch the copper-colored parts or the ink nozzles as it might harm the ink system and result in print quality issues.
  • Lift the lever after you install the ink cartridges into the slot.
  • Repeat the same steps in order to install the other ink cartridges if any.
  • Close the ink cartridge access lid, and the Canon printer will automatically print an alignment page.

How To Reset Canon Printer?

If you have changed any settings on your printer and want to restore the factory settings, you can reset the Canon printer support.

  • Switch on your printer by pushing the Power button.
  • Now, press and hold the Reset button present on the printer’s control panel.
  • Once you press the Reset button, simultaneously tap the Color Start button.
  • Wait for sometime, and you can release the Reset button.
  • The Canon printer will start to reset the printer and restore the factory defaults.
  • Power off the Canon printer after sometime connect the power cord into the power supply.
  • Turn on the Canon printer and re-establish the connection between your printer and computer.

Standard Canon Pixma Printer Troubleshooting Methods

Some common issues will occur on the Canon printers. You can perform the standard canon printer troubleshooting mechanisms to fix Canon printer setup problems. You can also use automated tools to fix the issues automatically. Some of the basic troubleshooting problems are discussed below; you can refer to them to solve Canon printer issues.

Why Is The Canon Printer In Error State?

The Canon printer can be in error state if there is a problem with the printer connectivity, or the drivers are outdated.

  • First, check the connectivity status and re-establish the connection between your printer and computer.
  • Re-establish the wireless or wired setup to fix this issue.
  • Sometimes, the problems can be resolved when you restart your device.
  • Power off the Canon printer and computer. Wait for sometime.
  • After some time, power on your Canon printer setup and computer.
  • If the error prevails, uninstall the older version of printer drivers from your computer. Download & install the Canon printer driver from the link given on this site. Connect the Canon printer to your computer and try printing a sample page to ensure that the error is fixed.
  • If you face the same problem, you can proceed to reset the Canon printer.

Where To Find Canon Printer IP Address?

You can check the Canon printer’s IP address by printing a User Data List. Do so by following the set of guidelines given below.

  • Turn on the Canon printer by tapping the Power button.
  • Now, load only A4 sheets into the paper input tray as the User Data list can be printed only on A4 sheets.
  • Press and hold the Go key present on the Canon printer’s control panel for 3 seconds.
  • The Canon printer will start to print the User Data List.
  • The IP Address of the Canon printer will be printed in the User Data list.

What Is Canon Printer Error b200?

The canon printer error b200 is the most common problem encountered by Canon printers. This error depicts a problem in the Canon ink cartridge. Examine the ink cartridges and install them properly into the ink cartridge slots.

  • First, power off the printer and open the ink cartridge cassette door.
  • Slide the lever down to access the ink cartridges.
  • Now, uninstall all the ink cartridges from the ink cartridge slots.
  • Lift the lever located next to the ink cartridge cradle.
  • Gently, remove the printhead from the Canon printer.
  • After some time, place the printhead back into its slot and re-install all the ink cartridges into their slots correctly.
  • Unplug the power cord and plug the power cord back into the power supply.
  • Power on the Canon printer setup and examine whether the error that prevails.

Canon Printer Paper Jam Problems

A paper jam can occur in several areas of the Canon printer. To solve this issue, you must discard all the papers stuck inside the printer.

  • Power off the Canon printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Now, pull and open the paper output cover.
  • Remove the papers that are jammed inside the paper output tray.
  • Open the ink cartridge access cover and examine whether there are any papers stuck in the ink cartridge area.
  • Gently, pull and remove the jammed papers from the ink cartridge access area.
  • Do not tear any papers while trying to clear the papers from the printer.
  • Ensure that all the papers are cleared from the printer.
  • Power on the Canon printer and try printing a sample page.

Canon Printer Is Not Recognized During Driver Installation

The Canon printer might be not recognized during the driver installation when the network connection is interrupted or improperly connected.

  • Tap the Power button and turn on the Canon printer setup.
  • Now, examine the USB cable if you are using it.
  • Unplug and connect the USB cable into the correct port securely.
  • The flat end should be attached to the printer’s port.
  • The square end should be linked into the computer’s USB port.
  • If you are adopting the wireless network connection, connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network again.
  • Now, the Canon printer support will be recognized during the installation.